Community Development

Business Advisory

Our business advisory services provide expert advice and support to help you make informed decisions for your business. We provide customized recommendations based on your unique needs and goals.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services help you align your business goals with your overall vision. We work with you to develop a long-term plan and provide recommendations to ensure your success.

Business Workshops

Our business workshops provide hands-on training and education to help you develop the skills you need to succeed. Our workshops cover a variety of topics, including business planning, marketing, and strategy development.

Best Practices in Indigenous Business Tour

The Best Practices Tour is an educational and training program that focuses on demonstrating effective methods, strategies, and techniques for Indigenous economic development. The program aims to provide participants with valuable insights into how successful Indigenous businesses have achieved success, with a visit to successful Indigenous organizations where participants can see firsthand how these businesses operate and learn about their strategies for success.